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EEE Test Contents


(Via various kinds of questions -vocabulary, dialogues, etc- the contents listed below and so on lectured in the course of foreign language classes at our faculty are assessed on this multiple-choice test.)

•    The present form of the verb to be

•    Have got, has got

•    Members of the family, possessive 's and of

•    Possessive 's and of / Whose...?

•    Indefinite and definite articles: a, an, the

•    The present simple tense

•    Spelling of V+s in the third person singular

•    Frequency adverbs

•    Frequency expressions

•    Ever ans Never

•    How often...?

•    Expressing likes and dislikes, would like vs. like

•    Spelling of V+ing

•    Would like vs. Like

•    Nouns: Countable nouns / Plural forms and Uncountable nouns

•    There is, there are

•    Quantifiers: some, any

•    Quantifiers: much, many, a lot of, a few, a little

•    How much...?, How many...?

•    Linking words: and, but, or, because, so

•    Why...?

•    Imperatives

•    The present continuous tense / Spelling of V+ing

•    The Present Continuous Tense vs. The Present Simple

•    Non-Continuous Verbs

•    Expressing future: will vs. going to

•    Modal verbs: should, can, must, mustn't

•    The comparative forms of adjectives

•    The simple past tense: regular and irregular verbs

•    Spelling of V+ed

•    There was, there were, used to

•    Used to

•    Modal verbs: can, could and may (Expressing requests and permissions)

•    Offers and replies (Would you like...?)

•    The modal verbs can and could (present, past)

•    The past form of the verb to be

•    The past continuous tense

•    Adjectives

•    Adverbs (manner, frequency, time, place)

•    The superlative forms of adjectives

•    The present perfect tense / Spelling of V+ed

•    Ever, never, already, recently, just, yet, lately

•    For and Since

•    Have been or Have gone

•    The Past Simple Tense vs. The present Perfect Tense

•    Have been, Have gone or Went

•    Conditional sentences: Type 0 and type 1

•    If or When

•    Conditional sentences: Type 2 and wish clause

•    The passive voice: present and past simple

•    Reported speech, reported statements

•    Prepositions of place and time

•    READING (intensive&extensive reading)