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General Information


School of Foreign Languages, which was set up in 2011, consists of two departments as "Basic English Department" which is responsible for preparation classes and "Modern Languages Department" which is responsible for English classes at the first and second years of undergraduate degrees.

English foundation program is conducted in a modern building which was built in the educational year of 2013-2014 and the classes are done in computer assisted multimedia classrooms. The purpose of the programme is to prepare students to understand oral or written language in their registered departments, to express themselves in writing and speaking, to help them acquire enough level of English language for their future proffessional, cultural and social lifes. 

School of Foreign Languages, which plans new initiatives in order to develop its academic infrastructure at the start of every educational term, aims at having a leading position in teaching foreing languages in a short time.


From 2017-2018 educational year , English foundation program started a modular system. English foundation program consists of 4 modules for each academic year. Each module continues for 8 weeks. The first module is made up of 24 hours, the second one; 26 hours,the third; 28 hours and the fourth one 20 hours classes a week. At the beginning of each academic year, the students who fail English proficiency exam start their English education with module 1 (A2 level). They have to collect at least 60 points in each module to pass on the higher ones. The effect of each module's points on end-of-the-year success point as given below. You can read "Exams and Percentages" page to learn more about the percantages, requirements to pass the module, exams and how the 'end- of- the- module- score' is calculated for each module. To be successful at the end of the academic year, %50 percent of total score for each module and %50 of the score of end of the year proficiency exam is taken into consideration. 


Module I %25
Module II %25
Module III %25
Module IV %25



End of the year proficiency exam (%80 Written+ %20 Oral)